Community Partnership

Community Partnership Schools provide support, services and solutions to help alleviate these burdens. As more weight is lifted, students find the balance to focus on learning so they can realize their full potential. Community Partnership Schools also engage parents and the community to empower students and families to succeed.

Community Partnership Schools focus on four pillars:

Extended learning: Academic support and enrichment take place before and after school, during weekends and in the summer to augment traditional learning during the school day.
Student supports: A range of health and social services are  accessible on the school campus.
Family & community engagement: Families and the community are partners in children’s education, and the school becomes a neighborhood center offering enrichment opportunities for both students and adults.
Collaborative leadership: A culture of shared governance and collective decision-making advances a unified vision to identify needs and provide appropriate resources and solutions in the school and community.

SWES_CommunitySchool_Flyer 4.10.17

2018 South Woods Infographic